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Research Work Unit RMRS-4351
Ecology, Recovery, and Sustainability of Grassland and Riparian Ecosystems in the Southwest
Detailed Unit Description


"Develop, synthesize, and apply new methods and knowledge on processes, interactions, and human uses of desert, prairie, and riparian ecosystems to restore damaged lands, recover sensitive species, and sustain intact, productive, and diverse plant and wildlife communities and associated abiotic systems in the Southwest."


Deborah Finch, Project Leader, Research Wildlife Biologist
Alice Chung-MacCoubrey, Research Wildlife Biologist
Paulette Ford, Research Grassland Ecologist
Roy Jemison, Research Hydrologist
Burton K. Pendleton, Research Ecologist
Rosemary Pendleton, Research Ecologist
Scott Stoleson, Postdoctoral Wildlife Biologist
Mike Means, Biological Technician
Wally Haussamen, Biological Technician
Pam Stoleson, Biological Technician

Research Work Unit RMRS-4652
Ecology, Diversity and Sustainability of Soil, Plant, Animal and Human Resources of the Rio Grande Basin
Detailed Unit Description


"Develop, synthesize, and apply new knowledge on processes, interactions, and sociocultural uses of upland and riparian ecological systems for sustaining diverse, productive, and healthy plant, animal, and human populations and associated natural resources in the Rio Grande Basin."


Deborah Finch, Team Leader
Jeff Kelly, Postdoctoral Wildlife Biologist
John Rinne, Research Fisheries Biologist (with RM-RWU-4302, Flagstaff, AZ)
Carol Raish (with RM-RWU-4853, Albuquerque, NM)
Richard Periman (with RM-RWU-4853, Albuquerque, NM)
David Hawksworth, Biological Technician

Research Work Unit RMRS-4852
Cultural Heritage Research


"To improve understanding of the characteristics of sustainable societies, the cultural dimensions of ecosystem management, and the management and enhancement of heritage resources."


Joseph Tainter, Project Leader
Richard Periman, Research Archaeologist
Carol Raish, Research Social Scientist

Office Administration

Carmen Gallegos, Support Services Specialist
Nora Altamirano, Office Automation Assistant, Web Site Manager
Robert Montoya, Office Automation Clerk