Jeffrey F. Kelly

Research Wildlife Biologist
Ph.D. in Zoology, Colorado State University, 1996
M.S. in Zoology, Oklahoma State University,
1991 B.S. in Wildlife Management, University of Maine, 1987

email: jkelly@fs.fed.ud

Wilson's Warbler
Research Interests:

My research interests are diverse, but united by a focus on natural resource issues in the western U.S. For several years I have been examining the habitat relationships of migrating songbirds in the Middle Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico. A portion of this work involves using stable isotopes as a tool that links breeding areas, migration routes and wintering locations of songbirds. I am also researching the effects of grazing on grassland birds on the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge. As part of an interdisciplinary team, I am working to initiate a study on the effects of habitat restoration on the wildlife of the Middle Rio Grande Valley. I also have been collaborating on a study of the effects of kangaroo rat mounds on the structure of Chihuahuan Desert ant communities. In the past I have studied population ecology and habitat relationships of individual wildlife species (Palila, Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, and Belted Kingfishers); two of which are endangered. While the majority of my research has an applied focus I also study basic ecological issues; most recently, the interactions of body size, clutch size and latitude among species of owls. The diversity of these studies reflects my broad interests in wildlife ecology and natural resource issues.

Clay-colored Sparrow

Amazing Maps
Egads! Grassland Birds!
Stable isotopes, isotopes and more isotopes.

Northern Parula

Selected Publications:

Kelly, J.F. 2000. Stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen in the study of avian and mammalian trophic ecology. Canadian Journal of Zoology 78:1-27.

Kelly, J.F. and D.M. Finch. In Press. Effects of sampling design on age ratios of migrants captured at stopover sites. Condor.

Kelly, J. F., D. M. Finch, and W. Yong. In press. Vegetative associations of wood warblers migrating along the Middle Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico. Southwestern Naturalist.

Cartron, J-L, J.F. Kelly, and J. H. Brown. In press. Relationships among clutch size, body size and latitude: sorting out the paradox in strigid owls. Oikos.

Kelly, J. F., R. Smith, D. M. Finch, F.R. Moore, W. Yong. 1999. Effects of summer biogeography on the stopover abundance of Wood Warblers. Condor 101:76-85.

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