Burton K. Pendleton

Research Ecologist
Ph.D. Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, 1990. Biological Sciences (Evolution, Systematics and Ecology)
email: bpendleton@fs.fed.us

Narrative Biography:

I was hired as a research ecologist by the Rocky Mountain Research Station (former Intermountain Research Station) in 1990. I share this position with Rosemary L. Pendleton. My primary research focus is plant reproductive biology and establishment ecology. Other interests include pollination biology and microbiotic soil crusts. The Coloegyne (blackbrush) community has been my primary research interest during my forest service career. Future research efforts will be directed toward a better understanding of the establishment ecology of woody plants in the shrubland/grassland ecotone.

Professional Affiliations

Ecological Society of America, 1999 to present
Society of the Sigma Xi, 1982, 1990
Botanical Society of America, 1986 to present
Society for Range Management, 1991 to 1996

Selected Publications:

Collins, P. D., K. T. Harper, and B. K. Pendleton. 1983. Comparative life history and floral characteristics of desert and mountain floras in Utah. Great Basin Naturalist 43: 385-393.

Pendleton, R. L., B. K. Pendleton, and K. T. Harper. 1989. Breeding systems of woody plant species in Utah. p. 5-22. In: A. Wallace, E. D. McArthur, and M. R. Haferkamp (compilers), Proceedings - Symposium on shrub ecophysiology and biotechnology. USDA For. Serv. Gen Tech. Rep. INT-256. Intermountain Research Station, Ogden, UT. 183 p.

Pendleton, B.K., D.C. Freeman, E.D. McArthur, and R.L. Pendleton. 1992. I. Life history features of three sexual morphs of Atriplex canescens (Chenopodiaceae) clones grown in a common garden. American Journal of Botany 79:376-382.

Pendleton, B.K., S.E. Meyer, and R.L. Pendleton. 1995. Blackbrush biology: insights after three years of a long-term study. p. 223-227 in B.A. Roundy, E. D. McArthur, J. S. Haley, and D. K. Mann, eds., Proceedings: wildland shrub and arid land restoration symposium. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Intermountain Research Station General Technical Report INT-GTR-315, Ogden, UT.

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Selected Technology Transfer:

Pendleton, B. K. In press. Coleogyne. In: Seeds of Woody Plants in the United States, 2nd ed. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. Agriculture handbook.