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The Latest Buffett's Bullet - #99 6/5/08

This website is an archive of Buffett's Bullets. Former Rep. George Buffett self-publishes and sends this newsletter to his mailing list as often as he has something to report, and has money to do a mailing. Buffett's Bullets are George's factual observations concerning the goings on in New Mexico's State Capitol Building. Buffett's Bullets are not printed at government expense, they are paid for by the George D. Buffett Committee. Please send your donation to the address above.

George Buffett was first elected to the New Mexico State Legislature in 1978 and served until 2002, representing New Mexico District 24, located in Albuquerque's northeast heights. George has no designs on any higher office. He likes living in Albuquerque and doesn't want to move to Washington.

George is an entrepreneur. He started a concession business in 1952 with $250. He now owns three businesses: Buffett's Candies; B & H Wholesale, a concession supply company; and the Popcorn Cannery at 1727 7th St. NW in Albuquerque.

George is a registered Republican and could certainly be described as conservative, but he is truly independent and objective in his thinking. He speaks candidly about New Mexico politics, and tells us who runs things, how they run them, and largely how the New Mexico voter gets screwed by it all. You will be disconcerted by the facts he presents.

The best example of George's philosophy is illustrated by the "capitol lunchroom story." The first year he was in the legislature, the food in the capitol lunchroom was terrible, and the state-run eatery operated in the red. The second year he was there, he took over supervision of the lunchroom, raised salaries, hired good people, lowered the prices 20%, and still made a profit -- a first for the legislature!

George believes that things can be done well if government is run like a business. He voted "no" on many programs in Santa Fe because they weren't run right. He also voted "no" because he does not believe money will solve all problems.

George ran his campaigns like a business. He raised money by giving his donors something, in the form of Buffett's Bullets. In appreciation for the information he shared, Bullets readers sent George donations. If you are inspired to do this, based on what you read here, you can send your check or money order to George at the address in the upper right-hand corner of this page. He's not running for office anymore, but still likes to write Bullets once in a while, and needs money to publish them.

On the personal level, he married Jeanette Franzen. They have three children: George, John, and Patty.

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