March 01, 2004

The Oscars

Oscar night would seem to be an appropriate time to start a movie blog. I've always wanted to write a blog focused on the movies that I see.

This year's Oscar proceedings were certainly dominated by the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, batting a perfect 11 for 11 in all their nominated categories.

Lucy, my wife, was overjoyed. We were glad to see the Academy give Peter Jackson the recognition he richly deserves. He was of course being recognized for the entire trilogy of films, and for advancing the art of filmmaking in general. Hollywood just won't make movies the same way again after LOTR. I saw the cast commenting before the ceremony tonight and Sean Astin spoke of completion and how all the characters come to a satisfying end in ROTK and that's why we keep going back again and again to see it. My wife and I have seen LOTR:ROTK now three times, and I'm sure we'll see it at least one more time before it finally fades from the local cineplexes.

Yeah there's really nothing else to write about on Oscar night 2004. Jackson's adaptation of Tolkien's masterwork is arguably the grandest of all cinematic achievements. We were worried when the Best Director award came up, what with the mighty and highly esteemed Clint Eastwood nominated, but Jackson prevailed.

Last year was a great one for films. Seabiscuit was really special, as was Mystic River -- both films were brilliantly done. I would've liked to have seen William H. Macy get a nomination for his role in Seabiscuit, it really was a great part but I guess it didn't help to drive the story enough. I knew Sean Penn would win best actor, but as good as Mystic River is, I thought he overplayed his part. I'm sure a dad has a right to freak out pretty bad if he finds out his daughter has been killed, but still... Tim Robbins earned his award for best supporting actor.

I want to see that french animation that was up for a couple of awards. It looks pretty cool. I too need to see City of God and 21 Grams.

I had no idea that Jamie Lee Curtis is married to Christopher Guest. I really liked A Mighty Wind too. But I don't think that gang will ever approach again what they accomplished in Waiting for Guffman. I loved Eugene Levy and the woman whose name escapes me performing "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow." That was really cute.

My favorite part of the whole telecast was during the beginning montage when Michael Moore got stepped on by the Oliphant from Return of the King.

Posted by Wayne at March 1, 2004 02:01 AM
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