March 01, 2004

Movable Type

Learning how to work with Movable Type was one of my primary reasons for starting this weblog. Now that I have the thing up and running I think I can give a review on it.

If you have some experience working with and implementing perl scripts (you need no experience writing them) you shouldn't have too much trouble with MT.

It's a pretty intuitive interface. Updating the style sheets and templates is a little tedious; however, if you've got experience doing that manually, you could update and upload the style sheet the old-fashioned way and perhaps save some time waiting for the files to rebuild via the cgi.

Working with a style sheet that you didn't write can be a ticket to the funny farm, but the basic SS and weblog template that MT comes with aren't that hard to figure out. If you want to just introduce your own template you will need to get familiar with the MT tags, but they are pretty self-explanatory too.

Compared to blogger, which I have used up to now on my other blogs, this has more features and isn't prone to blow up on you like a remote third party service can do. Everything is contained locally.

I really like the category feature. It gives your blog some structure by helping narrow the focus a bit. And I like the prospect of managing multiple blogs.

I started working with it Saturday, and had it running by Sunday night. Barring a couple of self-created obstacles -- I did not RTFM well enough -- I could have had it running in an hour or two. Yes, my son, RTFM; RTFM.

Posted by Wayne at March 1, 2004 04:11 PM
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