March 02, 2004

Matthew Lesko

Matthew Lesko is certainly the biggest freak you're going to see on late night cable TV. That whacked out suit with all the question marks on it is enough to lock down this guy as a bona fide nut bag. The problem with this determination is that he very likely makes a great deal of money off his scams. His on-screen manner is perfectly abominable. I don't know how anybody takes him seriously.

I wonder though, if there isn't some kind of cult following out there who think that Matthew is cool. I could see some really weak personalities perhaps getting infected with his nutty enthusiasm, and think that he's doing wonderful things.

I did a google on >"matthew lesko" blog< and got some interesting results. More than two blogs in the Washington, DC area reported seeing him on the street. It seems that he not only wears that wacky suit, but he wears it all the time, including to dinner and shows. And he drives a Mini Coupe that is painted with all the question marks on it. Why the question marks? Shouldn't he use dollar signs?

Anyway, this guy is a dickweed for pimping the welfare state. That's the joke I guess. By promoting welfare programs, he gets rich. For those who are dumb enough to pay $40 for one of his books, they deserve what they get. Go onto and look up one of his items, then read the reader reviews. I confess that I was actually interested in buying one of his government grant books, until I did this.

If I ran into Lesko, I wouldn't berate him like the guy I linked to above. I would start a conversation with him though. Even as freaky as he acts on TV, he might be fun to talk to. And you can't blame him for finding a really good legal racket and working it...can you...?

Posted by Wayne at March 2, 2004 01:32 AM
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