March 03, 2004


Ben Affleck as blind superhero. I have seen stranger things. Jennifer Garner as superhero girlfriend who is almost as tough as the superhero. That's alright, but I've always thought her looks to be very overrated.

This superhero story does break some of the rules for superhero stories. For one, the superhero actually kills people, on purpose, who he doesn't like. Second, he gets laid. And another odd thing about this comic book tale, is the heroine, Garner a.k.a "Electra," .....oops. I shouldn't give that away. That kind of disclosure is known as a "spoiler" and I don't want to do spoilers on this blog.

Anyway, Daredevil is not the greatest movie I've ever seen, and I wound up seeing it a sum total of probably 3 times, if you take the cumulative of all the short and long fragments I caught accidentally on HBO, along with the time I did actually watch it through.

The movie isn't bad either. Colin Farrell as the nemesis Bullseye, is pretty cool.

These comic book movies always seem to have a villain that is much more interesting than the hero, and Daredevil is no exception. Affleck as The Man, is much like the various guys who played Batman, stoic behind his cowl, not showing much of any personality beyond a grim determination to get the bad guys. Ben is pretty wooden, which would explain why he can take a punch so well.

I think its run on HBO is done, and I would suggest that there are better movies to rent.

Posted by Wayne at March 3, 2004 12:47 PM
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