March 02, 2004

The Saint

Disguise is the thing in this flick. Val Kilmer reprises the role that broke out Roger Moore back in the 60's on the television show of the same name. Val and Roger played a free agent spy who comes up with all manner of disguises and steals shit for fees in the lower 7 figures. He's real slick, and his gimmick is that he always uses an alias that is the name of a Catholic saint.

The background for this is given at the beginning of the movie, which didn't come out in the TV show. When The Saint (Simon Templar is the name he claims) was an orphan in a Catholic home, he was given the name of a saint, which he did not like. He escaped. Then we jump to the present so we don't know how he got so damn good at stealing shit and disguising himself. When he was a kid he did pick a couple of locks in the orphanage. I should mention that his disguises aren't that amazing. Kilmer makes a good gay German though.

Elisabeth Shue is in this too. She's cute, and I liked her in Leaving Las Vegas. She's not a street hooker in The Saint though; she's a brilliant scientist who has discovered real cold fusion. Well, Val seduces her for the formula which she keeps on scratch paper in her bra (how cliche can we get here?). Some Russian billionaire who wants to take over and reassemble Russia wants to buy the formula. He wants to use the cold fusion thing to gain the allegiance of the Russian people since there's a major heating oil shortage and they're all freezing their asses off and the current prez there ain't cuttin' it.

The Saint is your basic action fair, with the above described gimmicks thrown in. There's nothing terribly remarkable here. They gave Roger a cameo at the end but you only hear him on the radio; he doesn't make a visual appearance. I used to watch the TV show when I was a kid but I don't remember it. I'm sure I'll forget this movie pretty soon too.

Posted by Wayne at March 2, 2004 11:13 PM
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