March 03, 2004

Kingdom Hospital

Stephen King's new TV show was a disappointment tonight. The show was too long, too dark, and too involved with his accident of a few years ago. It's natural for a writer to use his personal experience, but in this case it was just too subjective.

He shouldn't have done a two hour premier. The story just can't hold it up. There were some obvious instances of drawing things out to fill time, especially the bit where the head neurosurgeon took 10 minutes to enter the parking lot and park his car, to the surrealistically nonsensical jeers of the group of hoodlums across the street. That segment made no sense at all, other than to show that this doctor is a self-centered jerk.

Kingdom Hospital is a case where the premise is interesting but the story sucks. Kingdom Hospital is built on the location of an infamous factory fire many years previous, where many children died. Yeah, the kiddies aren't at rest and are starting to come back and wreak proverbial havoc.

Another big problem we had with the show was that all the shots are so dark. Hospitals are not dark, they are well lit and actually too bright for my eyes most of the time. And there are no real good characters in this show. Dr. Hook (gotta love the name Steve, but...) is the closest thing to a person whom the audience can relate to. Everybody else is just a freak. The use of the two special ed kids who seem to know everything that is going on is different. We'll see if that develops.

If we watch it again we will have to use the VCR. I rarely watch network TV beyond sports events, and tonight reminded me why. The commercial breaks were so long I actually started timing them, and discovered that the breaks were lasting a full five minutes, three times an hour. By the time the commercials were over we had lost interest. Watching this took too much effort.

Thank God for HBO. I appreciate it so much more after a network experience.

Posted by Wayne at March 3, 2004 11:42 PM
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