March 04, 2004

Dennis Miller on CNBC

Dennis Miller, in case you missed it, turned Republican on 9/11. He loves George W. Bush and hates terrorists. It's more likely that you missed hearing about his new show.

Since leaving his weekly show on HBO, and failing to become a credible NFL commentator, he has found his way onto his own daily show on CNBC. His new endeavor incorporates some of his political humor along with presumably serious news interviewing and such. I can't not mention Monkey Mo, Dennis' sidekick, who can be seen swinging in front of Dennis on a rope sometimes as Dennis is delivering his quips. Dennis doesn't seem altogether comfortable with Mo, but some relationships take time to develop.

I love Dennis Miller, before and since he turned conservative. If you know anything about me you know why I feel a kinship with him in this regard. However, for all I know Dennis the businessman, in light of the fact that most comedians, entertainers, and artists are leftwingers; recognized a huge niche market that wasn't being served, and decided to start saying some of the things he thought conservatives might like to hear.

He tries to be balanced with his guests, having both David Horowitz and Naomi Wolf at different times (god she's a shrill bitch) on his "varsity panel." This is where he tries to be moderator (he's got a long way to go there) to three hopefully diverse perspectives.

I enjoy his little thing called "What would Dennis Kucinich do?" Dennis has taken Dennis as his personal whipping boy.

This show is not good -- yet. DM's attempts at conservative comedy could definitely benefit from an appreciative audience, which the show hasn't had up to now. I understand that after the current 10 day hiatus of the show, it will come back with just that on March 9.

I'm very willing to give Dennis a chance to get used to this daily thing so I will continue to check in. Try it out. Even if you are a radical liberal you'll get at least a chuckle or two.

I borrowed some from this take.

Posted by Wayne at March 4, 2004 07:14 PM
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