March 06, 2004

Sex and the City

Twelve days have passed since Sex and the City celebrated their final episode, the series passing on to that great Manhattan pickup bar in the sky. The quartet of honeys are no longer hooking up for lunch and sharing all that cock talk and relationship joys and frustration.

I thought it was pretty weird how Petrovsky immediately changed completely from a very charming older man to a completely self-centered asshole, just because of one plane flight across the atlantic.

It might seem passé by now to discuss this series, but since I saw all episodes in recent years, I feel that I should leave a couple of cents worth of opinion on this blog. I started Wayne's Movie Blog a week after Sex in the City quit.

I totally empathized with Carrie's Paris plight though. How deflating must it be to sit down at a table with three other people and all of a sudden they're all speaking in a language that you don't know. One could feel very isolated in a place where one doesn't know the language.

I never liked Big though, and I never understood why she did. But he ends up a hero.

That was one major stretch for that finale. No 48-year-old guy who rides around in the back of limosines all the time is going to go so gaga over a chick that he'll fly to Paris to do a blind search --- and then sell his house in Napa to move back to New York, just for her skinny butt. Call me a cynic, but this show is in New York for chrissakes.

Charlotte will likely get her own vehicle, based on comments made during their little party show that led into the final episode.

I don't like Samantha.

Miranda was always my favorite. She seemed the most down to earth. I like lady lawyers -- they can take care of themselves.

Carrie was just a ditz if you ask me. Why would she freak out on a great guy like Aidan, and let him go? He even gave her a ring, which I don't think Big ever did.

To be completely truthful, I never really liked Sex and the City. I always thought the chicks' attitudes toward relationships to be a bit sophomoric. But, I always watched the show because of the potential for skin, and I'm used to watching HBO on Sunday nights. All their cool series run on Sunday nights. And even their uncool series like Curb Your Enthusiasm run on Sundays. I'm not nearly Jewish enough to appreciate that show.

The Sopranos return this Sunday! Life will again be good.

I was so glad to see Sex and the City finally end. They've been mourning that death since the beginning of the season. And I'm not glad just because I'm not crazy about the show. I love The Sopranos but I'll be glad when that show ultimately breathes its last. Nothing lasts forever; everything (especially TV shows) runs its course. Last season I thought maybe Tony & Co. were pushing their luck. We'll see how this season goes.

Posted by Wayne at March 6, 2004 01:13 AM
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