March 07, 2004

Catch Me if You Can

Leonardo Di Caprio as one of history's great con men. I already thought he was a con man for getting that part in Titanic.

Frank Abagnale Jr. is the con man's name and he's doing really well for himself now according to the info at the end of the film. He's even friends with the guy who caught him, Hanks' character, the FBI guy.

Catch Me if You Can is really compelling and Leo does a great job of playing the kid. I know this movie didn't tear things up at the box office or with the critics, at least not that I heard, but I think it's exceptional. LDC carries the film on his back with suitable help from Tom. The acting is good but this is one of those stories that is so far out, while also being true, that you really can't turn away once you start watching it. You can't help but be fascinated with this kid's success in conning people, and wonder just how far is he going to be able to take it.

He took it to France where Hanks finally catches him, and where Frank languishes in jail waiting for extradition. His exploits as airline pilot, doctor and lawyer challenge the imagination. How could those people who hired him been so stupid? Maybe he was just smart. Humans were still trusting at that point in time I guess.

I should mention Christopher Walken's role as Frank's father. Very well done Chris. I don't know what Hollywood would do without you.

I give this film a definite recommendation. If you get HBO, check it out.

Posted by Wayne at March 7, 2004 01:02 AM
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