March 07, 2004

The Sopranos

MobTV is back!

This first Sopranos episode I thought was very effective, if not real exciting. Tony and the gang really laid the groundwork for the season. Robert Loggia's new character got out of the slammer, and Tony's cousin, Steve Buscemi's new role, gets out next week.

I think it's really fun the way the writers use animals to symbolize things that are going on in Tony's life. Now we have a bear showing up in the backyard -- the backyard of the house where he used to live. T and Carmella are apparently divorced now, so it's only Carm and AJ living in the house.

What can this bear mean? Previously, we had ducks taking over the swimming pool, and Tony loved them. Then Tony bought an interest in a racehorse, which Ralphie offed for the insurance, which wound up getting him killed by Tony. (Remember when they took that wig off the head of the corpse? Hilarious.)

So will Tony develop a feeling of kinship with this bear like he did the other animals? In the last scene tonight, Tony sent his henchman home and decided to watch for the animal himself. The bear, according to certain new age divination symbolism, represents the inner self -- because bears hibernate all winter they are supposed to indicate going within yourself to find your truth.

I have no idea if David Chase and the writers use the Medicine Cards, but if they do it means that Tony is going to search his soul this season. He's tried to actually get into Melfi to go out with him now, and she has turned him back, even though she has dreams about riding his cock. He got away with kissing her, so we know what will happen eventually.

I think they did a great job with this season's first chapter. We are eager to see what unfolds this season. Will Tony and his cousin get along? Carm and T seem pretty well split up, so will Carmela find a dude? When will Melfi's panties finally drop? Are Chrissie and Paulie really made up or will they continue with their childish squabbles? When will Adriana get whacked? What problems will Loggia's character cause? But all of that is inconsequential compared to the big question: what will happen with Tony? And better yet, why do we care so much?

We'll get the answer to the former if not the latter, for which we'll have to find our own bears.

Posted by Wayne at March 7, 2004 11:42 PM
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