March 08, 2004

Mad Mad House on SciFi

Reality shows are not my cup of chai. I have never been interested in them in the past. However, I saw a promo for a new reality series on the SciFi Channel, and it looked so bizarre that I had to check it out. Through general media discussion of these shows I understand that their basic premise is that you start with a group and through a succession of votes, somebody gets rejected every week until there is only one person left, who is the winner.

Mad Mad House follows this format, but of course it has its gimmick.

I have not been a follower of reality shows, but I think the premise's explosive popularity is very interesting. And, if you think about it, the reality format of getting together a bunch of common joes allows for an absolutely endless number of variations on the theme.

Mad Mad House proves that.

Basically, 10 pretty ordinary people are put in a house with 5 FREAKS. We are talking SUPER FREAKS here people. You see one of these folks and you want to turn and run the other way: A Witch, A Vampire, A Voodoo Priestess, a Modern Primitive, and last but not least, Avocado, the Naturalist.

The Modern Primitive, has nearly his entire body tattooed, and has piercings that are very disarming.

The Witch (Wiccan) and the Voodoo Priestess aren't that bad. They are actually quite positive in their approach. All the "Alts," as they are called, actually profess positive intentions. Even the vampire claims that he drinks blood as a means of expanding his consciousness.

I found this show really fun to watch, because of the way these Bible-reading folks responded to the Alts. Most of the contestants professed to be Christian. So, naturally they wouldn't participate in the voodoo ceremony.

The contestants really aren't that diverse. They could've found some better characters there, but I think they were going for people who are as normal as possible because the Alts are so abnormal. That's where the contrast is here.

I'm afraid I'm interested, if not hooked, on this series and will be checking it out again this week. I don't know if I'll comment or if my interest will last. We'll see. The show airs on the SciFi Channel 58 on Albuquerque Comcast Cable at 7pm MST.

I wasn't surprised when Hamin was voted out. He would've been my second choice. Noel is who I thought would get it. Oh by the way, it's the Alts who do the voting; not the contestants.

Posted by Wayne at March 8, 2004 02:35 AM
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