March 11, 2004

Kingdom Hospital ep 2

The second episode of Stephen King's new TV thing was better than the first I thought. They should've done just one hour for that opener. The commercial breaks were shorter this time.

Tonight I remember laughing out load three times. I always appreciated the sense of humor Steve showed in his books, back about 20 years ago when I read them.

The a-hole doctor, Dr. Stegman (i think), Bruce Davison's stoically bitter and arrogant head neurosurgeon, swung his weight around more in this show. We're sure to find out he has a drinking problem. Or some better type of closet skeleton.

Only one of the developmentally disabled (I have no interest in being too non-PC here) kids showed up in this episode, as a waiter no less. The supernatural aspect is starting to take over, but it is doing so in two totally different areas. The artist who got all fucked up in the accident is recovering miraculously but does this have something to do with the hospital weirdness or is it something else? The guy who hit him took a header off his roof, came in to the hospital and I guess he died? (Payback from anteaters is a bitch.) I think there's something else going on there.

I like seeing Ed Begley, Jr. more or less reprising his role from St. Elsewhere. It's like he finally got his shit together and ultimately became head administrator.

Posted by Wayne at March 11, 2004 01:35 AM
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