March 11, 2004

Dennis Miller 3.10.04

Dennis Miller is back from his short hiatus with his new studio audience. He seems to appreciate the audience but is still getting used to the format of the show. His jokes do not always evoke sudden torrents of laughter and he is frustrated by this, rereading the jokes and getting the fake guffaws. Even paid audiences aren't perfect I guess.

Last night I watched with interest because Gene Simmons, he of the long tongue and KISS fame, was on Dennis' varsity panel. He seems to be pretty conservative -- he and Dennis were having a good time bagging on John Kerry for sending a team to Iraq. Gene does look pretty craggy these days. I guess the makeup makes plastic surgery superfluous. On the panel was also Star Parker, a black conservative writer. I'm glad Dennis has her on just to prove that there is such a thing.

The monkey is gone, replaced apparently by a small cactus in a pot.

It will take a while for Dennis to reconcile comedy with political discussion. But, I think he will eventually wrestle this beast to the ground.

Posted by Wayne at March 11, 2004 11:30 AM

I Got Paid to Boo Dennis Miller by Rick Recco


When I originally saw your link to get paid to watch the Dennis Miller show, I said to myself "I gotta check this out" I made the call and eventually was contacted by a guy named Brandon from SRO Productions. (If you would like to get paid to boo Dennis Miller and live in L.A., give him a call (818) 762-9936) He seemed to be struggling to fill up the available seats.
So my girlfriend and I went down there. We were told we would get $15 cash each at the end of the taping. I guess they do it that way because some people might be offended by the whoring, and walk out during the taping. Turns out most of the audience was from out of town and were actually watching this for free, only the smart non ditto monkeys were getting paid.
Well we got in the studio and some ex DJ came out and told some mostly lame jokes while we were waiting for the show to start. At one point he asked who was voting for Bush, then he asked who was voting for Kerry. The response was about even. Not bad for a right wing monkey show.
After the show started, it was only then that I realized that Eric Alterman was going to be the first guest. "Cool" I thought, this should be good. I knew of Eric's writings, and knew there was no way The whore was going to make him look bad. Eric made his points very intelligently, and there was nothing Miller could say to refute them, so he just sat there looking bored. Typical Republican, when you know your wrong just act childish and try to distract from the facts. The audience sat in rapt attention listening to what Eric was saying, Even though there were a lot of Repubs in the crowd you could tell they, unlike Miller, were listening intently, and maybe actually considering what he had to say. After Miller gave Alterman the bums rush off the show, (after they went into commercial) I started booing Dennis. It was great because I was the only one and I could tell he wasnt used to that.
To see the Alterman interview go here:
Later in the show there was a round table discussion with Paul Rodriguez, some radio guy named Phil Hendrie, and some guy from the Cato Institute who claimed to be responsible for derailing Howard Deans campaign. (by the way Miller has a button on his desk which does the Dean "Scream" every time he presses it. What an Idiot) At one point the guy from Cato said that John Kerry was the most liberal member of the Senate, to which I yelled out "Yeah", He acknowledged me by saying, "See, and some people like that". Paul Rodriguez then raised his hand and pointed at me and said, "Me too." Paul was the only one who was funny. He said the difference between Iraq, and Haiti, as far as the US was concerned was that in Iraq the Black stuff was under ground, and in Haiti the black stuff is above ground. Miller responded by saying "please give the rest of us a moment to back away from that joke" as he was walking backward. The man is a total whore.
After the show, we collected our greenbacks, and went out and had a couple of drinks,
to forget the whole thing. Funny thing the next day, I got a call back and was asked to go back again that day for some more money. I didn't go, because I had other things to do. They were having Richard Perle on, and it would have been great to boo him too. That night I went on a couple of Blogs and gave out the phone number for others who want to go down and boo the show, and got a couple of responses. This could start a new trend of booing Miller right off the air. The whore.

L.A. Rick

Posted by: jackrocker999 at March 24, 2004 03:58 AM

I'm sorry to see this guy is so vindictive toward Denny. It's too bad libbies and conservatives can't respect each others' views at least a little bit. Some kind of mutual tolerance would help this nation a lot more than the stark polarization that exists now.

Posted by: Wayne at March 25, 2004 12:00 PM

Yeah I guess Rush Limbaugh feels the same way, Isnt is amazing how as soon as republicans realize there in trouble they suddenly see the light and start spouting this "oh why can we all just get along" crap

Posted by: jackrocker999 at April 19, 2004 04:55 PM
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