March 13, 2004

AirDance ArtSpace

Down south in Albuquerque's valley there is a converted church. The church got converted into a black box theater, and the building is now named the AirDance ArtSpace. They raised the ceiling, oh, 'bout a hundred feet, so that Debra can do her trapeze work, which she calls airdance.

You could do about any kind of performance there. There's plenty of room. There are classrooms upstairs and down, in addition to the performance area. They remodeled the heck out of it, laying tile all over the place and knocking out walls and replacing toilets. It's all very cool and they really worked hard recreating the elderly house of worship into an ultramodern performance space and studio.

We attended an open house, or, as they are known now, a "soft opening" on Jan. 31. A good time was had by all. The Buddha Betties played and they are pretty cool too.

Debra and Jeff run the place. Call them if you want to attend one of the classes. Check out the list on their website.

Posted by Wayne at March 13, 2004 12:35 AM

Many thanks Wayne for your good words about our space.

Posted by: Jeff at April 8, 2004 02:45 AM
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