March 15, 2004

The Sopranos 3.14.04

Steve Buscemi made his Sopranos debut tonight, to relatively light fanfare. He hasn't even whacked anybody yet, and it appears that he won't. He's going straight? He wants to be a massage therapist? Come on. We thought he was going to be the newest Death Machine in Tony's gang. Steve's character is funny though. And I'm sure it will be expanded well beyond a linen delivery guy.

Ah poor Adriana. What will happen to her? When the women's movie club turned into a wine drinking club, and Ade starts crying, and Carmella says, "C'mon you can tell us anything." How ironic, the one thing she can't tell them... You know she's gonna get whacked, but God what a shame that will be. I wonder if ratting on her maid of honor will actually be what undoes her.

Looks like Junior is getting Alzheimer's.

Even though we're into the fifth season, Little Steven's Silvio still looks forced, making him little more than an Italian caricature. Steve should have stuck to his guitar, but I love him for giving it all he's got on that show. Actually, no member of the E Street Band can do wrong.

Meadow is looking better this year.

Overall though the season is kicking right into gear. The introduction of the new characters is a stroke of genius -- it's really adding a lot of side interest and preventing Tony and Carm's divorce from being the total focal point of the story. If that's all their was at this point it would be way too much of a soap opera.

Last season when they started off with the Columbus Day horseshit, it took about 5 episodes to get things moving. I'm glad they wised up.

Can't wait till next week!

Posted by Wayne at March 15, 2004 12:57 AM
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