March 20, 2004

Eric McFadden Trio

The Eric McFadden Trio

Eric McFadden | James Whiton | Paulo Baldi

Nice band. Very nice band. The Launchpad hosted them last night. EMT's sound is their own for sure, hard rock on a standup bass and acoustic guitar. The first time Eric and James played together -- twas about 10 years ago -- they helped provide musical support for a poetry performance I did, called Nightwalks. To fill out the synchronicity we ran into 5 poets whom I used to associate with during that era of hippiedom and [starving] artist lifestyles. Poetry & Beer, the local travelling poetry gathering had just happened at Golden West, the saloon next door.

The "slam" thing kind of ran me off from that "scene."

Eric played with his old mentor, Stan Hirsch before the show.

We had photo ops with our old friend James after the gig.

I think I like a photo essay once in a while, and Movable Type's photo functions are very nice, but uploading each pic one at a time gets a little tedious. I must see if there is an adjunct script somewhere to handle batch loads.

This blog has gotten about 50 hits today from google searches on "dennis miller"+"eric alterman". I was hitting at about #12 but when I last checked it was in the 20's.

Posted by Wayne at March 20, 2004 02:53 PM

Wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them!

Posted by: Betty at March 26, 2004 06:58 PM
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