March 22, 2004

A Mighty Wind

I think both Jane Lynch and Parker Posey are hot.

I wrote this already earlier this evening, but it was mercilessly destroyed by an error in the communication with the MySQL server. That's okay because that take on A Mighty Wind wasn't that good.

I love what Christopher Guest & Friends do. Their approach is quite unique in moviedom, from what I can see. For the uninitiated, or if you have seen the films, for perhaps the uninformed, the dialog is all improvised. They actually script the events pretty tightly, but don't write the dialog, letting the actors fake it. That's why the interview footage is all stilted like documentary interviews. And the potential for spontaneous comedy is unlimited. Waiting for Guffman, done by C Guest and the usual group, is truly an all-time great comedy and will get coverage here as soon as I watch it again.

I started this blog just recently, but I've always wanted to write about movies. So, I will now be writing about movies that I have seen more than twice, since I didn't write about them after the first viewing. Surely the multiple experiences with the film give one a more intimate relationship with it, and should provide additional insights. I've seen this one 3 times now.

A Mighty Wind isn't as good as Guffman, but it is funny and it is well worth the time to watch. A sendup of 60's folk music groups, the groups who looked like a Sunday School class, all wearing cute little uniforms and bright happy smiles, like Up With People. Groups like The Kingston Trio and The New Christy Minstrels (whatever happened to The Old Christy Minstrels?).

A truly great accomplishment within this film is the group of songs they wrote. One got nominated for an Oscar. I've considered getting the soundtrack. Guest, Shearer, Levy, McKean et al really captured that hyperharmonized choirish sound amazingly well with the songs and the producton. And the words are hilarious, but only if you listen closely.

Christopher Guest's comedy is like that. If you listen closely you'll catch all the hilarious little lines that can get by you if you're not careful.

Fred Willard is precious in AMW. He takes goofiness to yet another level here. "Hey wha- happened?"

Eugene Levy as the fried freak is brilliant. But what kept cracking me up the most was The New Main Street Singers, complete with six guitars and the nine of the goofiest grins in history. I have fantasies about Parker's pigtails.

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