March 29, 2004


Lawrence Taylor and David Lee Roth both sitting in on Tony's high stakes poker game. These were the highlights of the Sopranos tonight. God Dave looks like shit. He's bleached that hair so much that he looks like Andy Warhol now. His agent must have worked overtime getting him that cameo.

So Loggia's character gets sent back to the slammer so soon? I'm willing to bet we haven't heard the last of him. Buscemi's guy is just barely hanging around. He played some cards tonight but didn't get into any action.

I'm not into AJ's teen angst. And the bit between him and his Mom has been done a lot. That was a very effective shot at the end though, when Carmella walks into the empty house.

Now Deadwood, that show is looking very interesting. As though Al Swearingen didn't look like a world class asshole last week, this week he orders the murder of a little girl. And Calamity Jane completely melts down when she meets him. She's starting to look like a piece o' work. Is she a frustrated lesbian? Or just an alcoholic? Or both? If I understood her correctly tonight she claimed to have had lots of sex, though she didn't use those terms.

Someday the hardware guy who used to be a sheriff in Montana is going to throw down with Al, and Wild Bill Hickock will be backing him up. We'll probably never see it on this show, but it will happen.

It's kind of hard to put your finger on why Deadwood is so compelling and effective. It might all be Ian McShane as Al, but I like how it is shot too. Yes I will continue to look forward to Deadwood. Oz crossed my mind tonight while I was watching this show. Part of the interest in the prison drama was created by the fact that they killed somebody off virtually every week. Deadwood could do the same. And there are certain guys whom you hope will get it, like the Sopranos.

I got a feeling the Doc in Deadwood is going to be involved in many outcomes.

Posted by Wayne at March 29, 2004 01:50 AM
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