April 02, 2004

Dylan in Victoria's Secret commercial

My God.

I just saw Bob Dylan in a Victoria's Secret commercial. When it came on I had the sound down and was surfing on the laptop (I do this a lot, certainly too much). Naturally the VS model caught my eye very effectively, but then the image changed to this old guy with an intense topography of wrinkles on his face and a slight mustache and beard, who looked suspiciously like Dylan, until the visage returned to the Underwear Goddess Model. By now I'm watching closely and when the picture turns back to the old man, I unmute and sure enough, I catch the fading strains of Love Sick from Time out of Mind.

What's the world coming to? I hope he was well paid. And got to meet the model.

I found the video on the Victoria's Secret site. Click the "video" link on the Angels banner at the bottom of the opening page. Although we'll probably see that ad many times in the coming weeks.

Posted by Wayne at April 2, 2004 05:56 PM

great sites, well done

Posted by: jan at May 6, 2004 02:25 AM
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