April 06, 2004

Weird Science

Wearing bras on their heads. That was certainly original.

About 15 minutes into this little flick on Comedy Central, I was wondering what the hell I was doing watching it. Now, I don't mind indulging in the shallow semi-humor of a low level comedy on cable once in a while. I like to observe film on the other end of the spectrum, where they don't take themselves too seriously. If you look there, sometimes you find a gem. I wouldn't say that Weird Science is a gem but ultimately I appreciated some aspects, especially Kelly LeBrock's aspects. I taped it so I could skip past the commercials. (We haven't advanced to tivo yet.)

With a name like Weird Science I thought it might be fun. I seem to remember that it had a cultish following after it was released in the 80's. Naturally the story is completely stupid and beyond farce. Two socially maladapted high school guys, Wyatt and Gary, accidently somehow make a beautiful woman out of a barbie doll by hacking into a remote computer. This process is full of fire and lightning and earthshaking calamity, yet it is still glossed over rather quickly with very little explanation. If you need explanation, don't watch a B movie. Oh, by the way, this is where they wear bras on their heads. Again, it is not explained, but it does look stupid and is therefore funny.

This story is another interpretation of the Frankenstein paradigm, where man produces an artificial being that ultimately destroys him, a la Terminator and many others. The ending is different here of course, but you can still credit Mary Shelley for the plot. Weird Science shows clips from a couple of old Frankie movies at the beginning and they inspire Gary on their escapade.

After producing their dream woman, Lisa, as they have named her, takes over their lives, throws a party and tries hard to instill confidence in the lads. Indeed, Lisa seems to be a guardian angel sent to rescue these boys from themselves and a life of social misery. She accomplishes her task by throwing them into a situation where they have to stand up and take charge. They respond, and wind up getting cute chicks their own age.

You could almost say this movie is inspiring, and inspiring it could be to a virginal adolescent male. Robert Downey Jr. has a role as one of the jock tormentors of the boys. And Bill Paxton has one of his early gigs as Wyatt's asshole older brother, who winds up as a Jaba the Hut lookalike courtesy of Lisa. She came with amazing powers.

I think I would like to see the unedited version of this on DVD, but I doubt that I ever will.

Posted by Wayne at April 6, 2004 01:53 AM
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