April 08, 2004

Gold Street Caffé

Downtown restaurants are off topic for this weblog, but that's okay because I didn't see a movie today. Besides, this experience was excellent -- I have to write about it. Unless you live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or plan on visiting here sometime, you won't get any useful information from this post.

My wife Lucy and I have a history with the Gold Street Caffé, and it's not totally pleasant. The last time we visited, or tried to visit, was about 4 years ago. It was a Saturday morning and we wanted to have breakfast. We went in, sat, and didn't even get acknowledged for about 20 minutes. The tables were trashed. The waiters were rude. We left and never went back. Previously we had really liked their food and espresso.

Then the local weekly free paper ran a short article about the place last week describing its new chef, who used to run a place called Fajitaville, which we loved, but had died a sudden and strange death a year or so ago. We also learned that now GSC opens for dinner. Formerly it only served breakfast and lunch like most downtown joints.

So, tonight we ventured west into the valley and the early evening shadows of the downtown skyreachers (they aren't tall enough to call them skyscrapers) and found the posh little eatery. It wasn't busy so the service was great, and so was the food. Lucy had fish tacos, something she used to order at Fajitaville. I had the chicken enchiladas and they too were delicious, featuring perhaps the best molé sauce I've ever had.

We were able to talk to the chef and told him that we miss Fajitaville. He said that he would open another one one day. We finished by splitting a piece of scrumptious banana cream pie. I had coffee, she indulged in a de-cafe mocha. We'll be going back there, maybe we'll give them another chance at breakfast this Saturday morning.

Lucy's mocha came with a new innovation. The cardboard jacket that they put on the drink to insulate your hand from the hot glass, had a miniature of a painting on it, along with information about the painting and the artist. Starbuck's is sure to pick up on that and put ads for various roasts on their jackets.

We haven't made it downtown much lately. We used to live down there. The first apartment we shared is just a few blocks from GSC. I wonder why they think they need two f's in caf[f]é?

Posted by Wayne at April 8, 2004 02:14 AM
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