April 09, 2004

The War of the Worlds

Jesus takes a bunch of serious blows early in this one, but wins out in the end.

Naturally, I first saw this film when I was a little kid and thought it was amazing. War of the Worlds is still a really good suspenseful scifi classic, even if the heat rays look like film of a welder now.

But when I was wading through the commercials on AMC to watch it tonight, I caught up with the fact that the story line is draped over a theme of Christianity. When watching the early scene where kindly Uncle Matthew the Minister, decides to try and communicate with the aliens and walks out bravely with his Bible and gets toasted for his hospitality, I wondered if that was H.G. Wells' slam on Christianity. A man of the cloth is smote by superior heathen technology.

As the story develops however you can see the story coming back to God every so often, and then of course the ending: The alien machine fires on the church, and immediately chokes and dies. Ultimately it was The Almighty that killed off the interloping greenbloods with sacred bacteria.

The ending is funny that way too. The machines peter out and quit the way a living being does when it dies.

What I remembered most about the flick I realized, is the sound that the ray guns make when they are frying something.

There are rumblings of a remake of this classic. They'd better do a good job. Actually they aren't rumblings, the film would've been out by now if not for 9/11. Because of that they are going to base it on H.G. Wells' original 1898 premise instead of the modern day.

Posted by Wayne at April 9, 2004 08:32 PM
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