April 15, 2004

American Pie 2

Ah, guilty pleasures...guilty pleasures. I don't mind admitting that I laughed my ass off several times during American Pie 2. The main group of five guys are all really funny actors. Finch is my favorite. I love his deadpan mellow tantric guy. And I know I'm one behind, but I'll catch up with the wedding thing soon enough.

What makes a movie like this fun, is when you encounter some guys who have seen it, and you bring it up. All you have to do is say "super glue" and then you can watch them all cringe and crack up at the same time.

Frankly though, Jason Biggs is just a little too good looking to be the dork that he plays. He's too tall for it too. But he still does very well. And I love Eugene Levy who plays his Dad. We know him from Christopher Guest's movies.

Watching a film like this allows me to shed the label of "movie snob," even though I am one most of the time. But, for those of you who are too stuck up to watch this, I will tell you that there are real characters here, and real coming of age stories. Neither is terribly deep but they don't try to be. The little mellodrammer with Kevin and Vicky (Tara Reid) is cute.

Stifler is such an a-hole. He did not deserve to get both of them. That is an absolute travesty and the writer should be reprimanded. I loved his Mom's appearance at the end. Finch loved it too.

I downloaded this from Movielink and watched it on the laptop I'm typing on now. I am getting used to seeing a film this way. A little brighter picture would have been nice but I'm sure they are improving on the quality. I might start to do this more often for the sake of convenience, but I still think the regular price is too high. See my Movielink commmentary here.

Posted by Wayne at April 15, 2004 01:46 AM
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