April 17, 2004

...to me

Beer-shopping last night at Albertson's supermarket was a surreal experience.

Albertson's has a nice selection of fancy beers, but they piss me off because, while they stock Sierra Blanca products, they don't keep them cold. Sierra is a microbrewery down in Carizozo that does some brews we like, most notably Alien Amber Ale. It looks cool too with the picture of the alien on it.

But they always have Alien, along with Sierra's nut brown ale and pale ale out on the shelf, uncold. At A's you can walk into the beer cooler for full cases, and I always look in there hopeful of finding some Alien stored, but alas. no find. So I picked up a sixpack of Fat Tire. This is a nice amber ale from Colorado, available on tap in many Albuquerque locales.

While I was shopping, before I went into the walk-in, a fellow on a motor chair -- you know, one of those self-propelled wheelchairs with a basket on it that the grocery stores make available -- was in the liquor department. He wasn't old, so he must've had some kind of injury. But at any rate, he wasn't used to driving this chair -- and he was having a very earnest cell phone conversation. (talk about hang up and drive...) First he passed in front of me when I was looking into the case and did a lap clear around the spirits area. He then buzzed back to the beer cooler and nearly crashed through one of the glass doors but managed to stop in time.

After I retrieved my six pack from the walk-in, when I walked back out, there was a fellow looking into the cooler. He said, "It used to be simple."

I went up to the front of the store and got in a check out line. Then the guy on the wheelchair gets in line behind me. He's still on the phone, telling whomever is on the other end that he thinks they are sweet. He keeps edging forward but doesn't quite seem to be in control of his contraption, and I'm afraid he's gonna mistake the accelerator for the brake and steamroll me right there in front of the Weekly Globe and People Magazine. I imagine going home with tiremarks on my face, trying to explain to my wife what happened.

I survived.

Lucy made some nice fajitas last night.

Today is the anniversary of my birth. Both my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law have sung Happy Birthday to me on the phone. Being the youngest in my family, I've always been pretty self-indulgent on my birthday. I think Lucy is taking me to see Hellboy later.

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