April 18, 2004


Hellboy is Hot.

Ron Perlman looked so comfortable with all the ----- you can't call it makeup. What's the word they use? Oh yeah. Facial prosthetics. (That two-word phrase causes my mind to conjure a face with mechanical legs and arms coming out of it.) But this movie is fun to watch. I would love to get a hold of some of the comics to read. I don't need to buy them, I just want to read them.

Hellboy is the quintessential lonely and misunderstood hero. There's a real unrequited love at the center of his being, that defines him, in the midst of his saving the world from Rasputin and and some lipless freak who wears skin tight armor and winds himself up like a clock, not to mention all those weirdest of CGI monsters. These spawn are mighty bizarre, so detailed it's hard to take them all in since they move so fast. His love interest is a nice looking girl who happens to be able to control fire, at least she can control it sometimes. Hellboy is fireproof so he doesn't need to worry about getting burned.

This movie defeats what had practically become a paradigm with the comic book superhero movies: the evil villain a much more interesting character than the virtuous hero. Not here. Hellboy is the character, with his cigars, stone fist, sawed off horns and brooding Sam Spade kind of attitude towards his, uh, peculiar situation.

We get to see Rasputin bring Hellboy in when he was a little shit back in 1944. A paranormal scientist who was present for this becomes his Dad and raises him. And they both hang out with a blue amphibious guy who is quite psychic.

Rasputin opened a portal and brought Hellboy in from the place of the 7 Gods of Chaos 60 years ago, and now Razz is back to go ahead and destroy the earth like he meant to do then. He also intends to bring Hellboy back into the fold.

I enjoyed seeing Jeffrey "Hey Now" Tambor, late of the Larry Sanders Show that was on HBO.

This movie is very well done and immensely entertaining. Go see it while it's still on the big screen.

Posted by Wayne at April 18, 2004 01:50 AM
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