April 24, 2004

Master and Commander

No fucking extras. I had sworn off using the F word on this blog, until I discovered that there are no fucking extras on the Master & Commander DVD. I hadn't realized how conditioned I was to spacing out on deleted scenes or director interviews right after watching a DVD. This disk doesn't even have the trailer. They must've needed to hustle it out. Or, they are trying to create more interest in the inevitable special edition DVD that will appear sometime around Christmas.

The DVD may lack a how-they-did-it documentary, but the movie is quite excellent. This seashow moves past Lost in Translation and is my first runner up to Return of the King in 2003. Russell Crowe's movie got 10 Academy Award nominations so if not for ROTK, it would've done about as well.

The year is 1805 and a tub full of Brits are playing cat and mouse with a French privateer -- a boat of superior firepower and twice the crew -- all up and down the coasts of South America. England is determined to fight off Napoleon.

I appreciated how the story showed the caste system of the early 19th century British warships. I would like to read the novel on which this movie was based so that I could get a clearer description. It was strange watching kids, they looked to be 12-14 years old, commanding men much older than them. I guess it was some kind of officer-training method. The kids probably had the right parents. Lucky Jack, The Captain, Crowe's leading character, often seems to be a father to these lads as much as a commanding officer.

There are several great characters on this boat. Jack's doctor friend provides a nice compliment to his sea warrior. But the kid-officers and all the old salts each lend their flavor to the overall taste of the film.

This flick has one of the greatest action sequences I've ever seen. No spoilers allowed so I won't go into it, but the ultimate battle is worth the price of admission.

The price of admission was pretty cheap though. I mentioned last week getting 99¢ coupons in the mail from Hollywood Video. Well I got a great surprise when I went up to the checkout counter there this afternoon with one disk. The kid tells me then that I can use this coupon to get up to three movies for that price. (I had missed part of the fine print.) So, we've got a couple more to watch this weekend.

Posted by Wayne at April 24, 2004 02:04 AM

Mhh, yeh, Master and Commander is good...I'm dying to see the next one and find out what's happened to my favorite character. ...If he's died, I'm coming after Peter Weir with a pickaxe. The film itself if really accurate though- the young midshipmen, the grouchy crew members, the first lieutenant's promotion...

Posted by: Illyria at June 6, 2005 02:20 PM
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