May 25, 2004

I-40 W of OKC


I love to type while my wife is driving. For some reason the words flow when there is a grain elevator in the near distance and telephone poles filing by on the left. We are nearing Groom, TX, the home of the largest cross in the western hemisphere. We've seen it before -- it's cool. Too bad you can't take an elevator ride up to the top of it. This could get you closer to God, you know. Hildegard von Bingen. Clouds. It's like we are driving in a great big gymnasium. The sky looks like a flat ceiling. Tractor with hay mower. Bass lines. Beautiful soprano.

I had to miss The Sopranos Sunday night. But I got that and Deadwod on tape, in case I can't catch it on a motel-room-free-HBO night this week. The Travelodge did NOT have HBO. Blasphemy.

This West Texas highway is scarred.

There are black tar lines all over it. They look like the lines on lie detector test paper -- paper that has been reused a bunch of times.

Starbuck's is in Amarillo, TX. They must be reaching saturation. I expect to see one in Yates Center soon.

Posted by Wayne at May 25, 2004 10:40 PM
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