May 27, 2004

Ottawa, KS

Flat tires suck. Especially when the tire gets hosed so bad that you have to replace it, and you drive a car that takes a weird sized tire, and you are in rural Oklahoma, and your spare is about half the width of the tire it replaced, and you are pulling a UHaul trailer.

That's okay. Things could have been much worse.

We managed to ride the spare all the way from near Oklahoma City to Wichita. The Firestone store in Wichita saved us this morning.

The nice guy in Oklahoma, who had access to the tires of three manufacturers, said none of them made tires the size that our Saturn Vue takes. The OEM is Bridgestone, and that's the brand of our new one.

So we spent the night in Wichita and as I type these words we are about 50 miles from Ottawa, KS. Our basic destination.

Last night at the Motel 6, I picked up one of those phantom unexpected wireless connections. It must have been from a distance because it went in and out and I finally had to give up on it. It wasn't there at all this morning.

There is activity regarding our house. Very good activity.

I wrote the preceeding yesterday in the car. Now I am at the Ottawa, KS public library utilizing a very nice wi-fi connection. Albuquerque libraries don't even offer that. However there are no Juno dialup numbers for Ottawa so I couldn't get online last night.

We like Ottawa. Especially A.B. Mulligan's. The do a good burger and serve Boulevard Wheat Ale, a Kansas City microbrew that is really smooth.

This morning we accepted an offer on our house. We hope it all goes through. We received three offers in three days. How amazing that we sold it that fast. All the work we put into prepping it paid off.

Posted by Wayne at May 27, 2004 10:41 AM

Flat tires do suck, or blow (take your pick). It seems to me that a few years ago I read about tires that won't ever go flat. I think they were made of urethane. I guess the tire industry squashed another innovative idea or maybe they're available but quite expensive.

Have you seen "The Sopranos" episode from last Sunday yet? It's pretty good.

Posted by: Ken at May 28, 2004 02:09 AM

I haven't seen that episode yet. It's waiting for me on a videocassette at our house in Albuquerque that will not be our house in a month. I've heard that it's good. I was somewhat relieved to find out that the last episode of the Sopranos' season is not this Sunday but next.

Posted by: Wayne at May 28, 2004 10:56 AM
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