May 28, 2004

Lawrence cont'd

This morning I'm at the Nova Cyber Cafe on 8th St. here in Lawrence. The owner here knew William Burroughs (or so he claims). He tells me that the creek that ran by his house has been renamed for him! They must have some freaks on that city planning board. The fellow here also tells me that Burroughs used to make paintings by setting the paint cans up on a fence and blasting them with a shotgun, splattering paint on the canvas. Says he would get $10,000 for one of these paintings. That's what I call parlaying fame.

We rented a post office box here this morning, and the number we got is way cool: P.O. Box 3. Yep, 3. That's a lot easier to remember than some 5 digit thing.

Posted by Wayne at May 28, 2004 11:08 AM
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