May 29, 2004


Tornados are everywhere in Kansas tonight. I just saw footage from south of Wichita, north central Kansas (near where my sister lives in Concordia), and just north of Kansas City. Homes have been destroyed, but very few injuries reported. The guys on the Weather Channel are freaking out, but I saw better Kansas footage on a Wichita station. The freaky weather is by no means limited to Kansas. Tonight swirling air masses are happening from the Canadian border south into Texas. Here in Yates Center, we are under a tornado watch until 4am.

And Lucy and I are STILL excited about moving here! We are undaunted by tornado watches, high humidity and an excess of 4x4 pickup trucks.

This blog should get back to movies in a couple of days. You can't watch movies very well when you are on the road, though I do have two saved to the laptop from Movielink. I doubt that I try to watch them before we return home however.

I wish I could download photos from my digicam, but since I forgot the cable I won't be able to until we get back to Albuquerque. I would post some from the Yates Center Days parade this afternoon. The rest of the country needs to experience my hometown. Out here, this is The True America.

Albuquerque is third world, baby. Maybe even fourth world.

Coming back to my roots feels more right than anything I've ever done before, other than marry my wife. Tornados are my temperamental buddies. Humidity is needed by my skin, my sinuses, and my soul. Wheatfields and pastures are the landscape of my heart. And my road less traveled is dirt, not asphalt. I'll take the Flint Hills over the Southern Rockies any day, and I want my house to be made of real bricks, not adobe bricks.

One great movie note though, click on this: I love it!

Posted by Wayne at May 29, 2004 11:12 PM

Your Albuquerque dwelling was made of 'concrete blocks' not adobe bricks. This blog is a bit HARSH on old 'burqueville. While it is obvious you have divorced yourself from your many years in the high desert, completely trashing Albuquqreue serves no one very well . Glad though that you have found greener pastures lying ahead in your Native Kansas.

Posted by: Jeff Hartzer at June 1, 2004 02:09 PM

Completely trashing? I don't think I did that. My brick reference was figurative. The bricks we use to build houses in Kansas are made from stone. The adobe bricks used by New Mexican builders are formed from mud. Which material do you think has more integrity, stone or mud? This is my point. I'm well aware that my still-current house is made from concrete blocks.

Posted by: Wayne at June 1, 2004 06:57 PM
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