June 01, 2004

Deadwood etc.

Through the outdated magic of videotape I finally caught up with last week's Sopranos and Deadwood episodes.

That was the funniest episode of Deadwood so far. I knew that "cocksucker" was the most common word in the collective script of the show, but gabezzus man, that word popped more times in that last installment than it did during the entire season up to that point. I love the chink's pronunciation. "Cocksucker" actually devolved to pronoun through Swearingen's use in trying to communicate with Woo.

But the most precious line was from the Honorable Mayor E.B. Farnum, "August commencement to my administration, standing stymied outside a saloon next to a degenerate tit-licker." The actor who plays E.B. should get an Emmy.

Everybody said the Sopranos episode was really good. And they were right. The best of the season. We all knew what was going to happen to Adriana. Anybody who is in that show, if they are ever in the same room with an FBI agent, and they know the FBI agent is an FBI agent, needs to get their will in order. She should've worn the wire. How could she think that Christopher would flip? Just because of another anti-Tony rant? Too much ecstacy I guess.

It was weird how they did the deed so dispassionately. Tony was really convincing on the phone. Silvio pulled the trigger with customary ruthless disdain. And Chris accepted her fate, not without a lot of pain, but well enough that he played his part. When these guys decide something needs done...

I like the name of the episode: Long Term Parking.

Posted by Wayne at June 1, 2004 10:25 PM
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