June 08, 2004

American Wedding

There are times when all I want is a dumb movie containing dumb things to laugh at. At this moment of transition in my life I do not need arthouse intellectualism nor long twisted tales of suspense. And when it comes to dumb but wet-your-pants funny movies, the American Pie franchise has advanced the artform. I laughed my ass off several times during this film, and gagged pretty hard for about five minutes during the "chocolate truffle" scene. They really drug that one out.

In reference to Stiffler and the truffle, as has been well-documented, in the three movies of this series, Stiffler has swallowed semen in American Pie, been pissed on in American Pie 2, and eaten shit in American Wedding. He's the human punchline of these three 90-minute juvenile dirty jokes.

American Wedding does have some filler (mainly that strange dance scene in the Chicago gay bar) but it holds up pretty damn well for a second sequel. The addition of Fred Willard to the cast adds a little, but Eugene Levy has advanced to my list of favorite actors. Between these flicks and the work he does in Christopher Guest's movies, he has shown me as much as anybody on screen. He's not just good he's great.

The featured face in this film though is January Jones. She is absolutely adorable as the sister of the bride. She's gonna get lots of attention from casting directors.

Of the characters in the AP set though, my favorite is still Finch, or "Finchy" as Stiffler's Mom calls him. I love Finch. I AM Finch. If I were a character in American Pie I would be Finch. He can at least act like he's intelligent.

Of the three films, I think AP2 is the funniest, and has the best T & A, so is therefore the best film overall. (C'mon, that's all they're trying for here.) However, I liked how they ended up the story in American Wedding, allowing Stiffler to be a hero, even though he's still a douchebag.

But has the story ended? If I recall correctly this one made another pile of cash, so what's next? American Baby? American Divorce? Stiffler's Wedding? Finch Bones Stiffler's Mom Again?

If another one comes out, I'll be watching. I will forever defend my right to enjoy movies that are on the low end of the intellectual scale. I've watched all three of the AP flicks via Movielink. I continue to grow more accustomed to watching films on the computer.

Posted by Wayne at June 8, 2004 01:10 AM

What a great film! : )

Posted by: Tomkin Coleman, Minnesota at February 3, 2005 04:35 PM
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