June 21, 2004

Wiki's and Cooler Searches

I wondered what a wiki was so I went to the wikipedia.

What better place to find out about wikis? Actually, I had a pretty clear concept of what a wiki was (doesn't that sound cute? say those last four words quickly.), I just wanted to know how to pronounce it. Due to "wiki"'s similarity in character makeup to the abbreviation "wifi", I thought that wiki possibly rhymed with wifi (which rhymes with hi-fi), rather than the natural pronunciation associated with the isolated "i" -- that is, isolated from other vowels. This is generally the "short" sound.

Vivisimo is a way cool search engine. Vivisimo clusters results by topic. Dedicated Googlers: give this one a try. You can even find out what a wiki was.

Posted by Wayne at June 21, 2004 10:34 AM
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