July 04, 2004

Toto, we're not in New Mexico anymore...

We're moved. Mostly anyway. All the stuff is transferred from New Mexico to Kansas. The stuff is nowhere near arranged, but it is basically in the area that it is supposed to be.

We like our townhouse. We like our town too. We like Lawrence. It's green here. Man is it green here. We've seen rabbits out our back door, heard frogs in the front. A quarter mile down the road is a cornfield. But alas, the cornfield is for sale. The field to the west of the cornfield has a sign announcing a new development. I like things like they are, I see no need for developing anything.

We had coffee this morning at a really good coffeehouse that is easily-walked-to from our door. Downtown is awesome with coffee and food and beer. Last night we visited the Java Break which is open 24 hours. They have three separate rooms with tables (calling them dining rooms doesn't seem right) and in the middle is a used clothing store. All this on the basement floor of a building.

This has been a very rainy summer, so the grass is tall and thick, the trees are dense with leaves, and the river runs.

Transporting the goods was an ordeal. We rented a 17' UHaul van, a trailer to put the pickup on, which I pulled in the UHaul. We thought this would be enough room, but we wound up having to rent a 5'x8' trailer to put behind the Saturn. So both vehicles had trailers. The drive from Albuquerque took us two days total, leaving Wed. afternoon and arriving in Lawrence Friday afternoon, just missing a local deluge.

The drive was fine. The ordeal came in loading the truck. We wound up spending all night Monday working on it, because we were supposed to be out by our closing on Tuesday morning. We wound up delaying the new owners' move-in by a few hours, not finishing until about 5 Tues afternoon. We were exhausted. Thanks to Mark and Mary Jane for a comfortable place to die that night. And thank God for their hot tub.

Loading in up here wasn't fun but at least we got it done in a day. Most of our stuff is in a storage unit.

Yep, we're gonna like Lawrence. The Sunflower Broadband internet hooked right up when we plugged in the modem and the router etc. It took about 5 minutes to synch up but now flies at about 2.4 mbps. We haven't gotten the cable tv hooked up yet but I anticipate a post on the video offerings of Sunflower. We'll be getting twice the channels for about the same cost as Comcast in Albuquerque.

I may come up number two on this search, but this blog isn't located there anymore.

Posted by Wayne at July 4, 2004 11:00 PM
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