July 07, 2004

Mystery Train

mysterytrain.jpgIndependent film begins and ends with Jim Jarmusch. That's a bit of a far reaching statement, but he epitomizes indie film in my mind. (Hey, I'm hurting for comments here.) This cult classic's backstory is easily imagined from the cast and producers. I know nothing about this film in particular. I don't study films; I watch them. But I could conjure a very indie scenario behind this, based on the players. Since the producers are Japanese, could it be that the two Japanese actors who lead the film are the son and daughter of these guys? And Jarmusch talked them into financing his project as a means to American stardom for them? I have no idea if this is remotely true, but I hope that's the way it went.

This movie is a little slow and drawn out, but that's to positive effect. Just don't drink too many beers before you watch it.

I loved this flick. It begins on a train and ends on a train, but beyond that I don't know what the Mystery Train reference is about. It all happens in Memphis, in the shadow of the King, Elvis. The Jap kids are fascinated with Elvis, but the male correctly asserts that Carl Perkins was better.

There are other storylines here that you are probably familiar with if you're so into film that you would search for movie blogs to read. Joe Strummer's appearance was interesting, though he wasn't very good.

I hadn't seen Mystery Train before, and it was a fitting maiden voyage for our new cable system here in Lawrence. MT came on Flix, a movie channel that I was unfamiliar with. On Sunflower, we will discover Sundance and IFC along with Flix. I thought Sundance was supposed to have good movies, but last night they played Showgirls. I flipped in there just as the chick and Kyle Maclachlan (sp?) got to his house to go swimming.

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