July 11, 2004

Eyes Wide Shut

Tom Cruise was going to kiss that corpse. I was sure of it. Right there in the morgue, in front of the orderly, in his suit, the naked corpse an ex-beauty queen turned hooker who may or may not have saved his life earlier.

Lately my movies have featured strange human interactions with corpses. I saw Six Feet Under this evening too, and Nate's wife is trying to come back to life.

I like Eyes Wide Shut. We accidently rewatched it last night having seen in it several months previous. Most people didn't like this but it was so different that I had to like it. So very very Kubrick. I could see Stanley directing the scene between Tom and the dead hottie. Cruisey lowered his head so slowly -- I wonder how many takes they did. The pre-orgy ritual reminded me in some perverse way of the android destruction ceremonies in A.I. I know Spielberg did A.I., but it was a Kubrick film. Steve followed Stan's plans.

There so many unanswered questions and fuzzy endings here. Too many in fact to allow for most people to enjoy it. I can see how feel cheated by the story.

I was intrigued by the acting and interacting of Tom and Nicole Kidman, since they were real life hubby and wifey when this movie was made. They were quite good I thought, especially given the weird transpirations of the script.

Nicole looked great too. That is my all-time favorite first shot. If you see the flick on the schedule you flip over there just for the opening.

Kubrick's last film, not counting A.I. Too bad it wasn't better received.

Posted by Wayne at July 11, 2004 11:18 PM
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