July 31, 2004


Brian De Palma's 1973 suspense thriller showed up last night on the Sundance Channel. Margot Kidder is really cute in this one, with her French accent and low cut nightgown. Actually I should say that she is really good in this film -- with a butcher knife.

De Palma's films are usually interesting, though his stories contain too many shortcuts for me. Body Double was intriguing, though the story was so off-the-wall I could barely follow.

The Sisters in this film are former siamese twins who have been separated somehow during young adulthood after being joined for many years. Medically speaking, this is a very laughable prospect, but you have to tell yourself, "this is a movie." I have a hard time enjoying films that make me say that too many times.

One of the sisters is a psychopath, and you are left guessing which one. Jennifer Salt plays a woman who witnesses the murder through a window across the street -- or so she claims. All she really saw was a bloody guy wave at her. She's a journalist with a public axe to grind regarding the local cops, so the police detective has a bad attitude toward her and her claim.

I do like De Palma's camera work. At one point he uses shadows nicely to obscure Margot's nipples while her boobs are showing. Almost titillating. I always appreciated Kidder's earthy sexiness.

Alfred Hitchcock's name is invoked by many in describing this film. Brian obviously learned a lot from the master of suspense; and he hired Bernard Hermann to score Sisters. Hermann scored many of Alfred's films. However, I think this comparison is a little too kind to De Palma. And, I don't need the social commentary re racism and sexism. This film is good, though possibly overrated.

Posted by Wayne at July 31, 2004 09:02 PM
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