August 04, 2004

Last Dance

Sharon Stone as death row inmate. I wondered how Sharon was going to work taking her clothes off into this scenario. Plus I noticed that our old buddy Dr. Fleischman from Northern Exposure, Rob Morrow, was in it. So I decided I could at least try the first fifteen minutes and see if it held my interest.

Stone, to her credit, is remarkably unsexy in this movie. She seems to really want to show that she can really act. And hey, she can. Her performance is the best part of this little drama, and I'm not talking about her legs. You never see them. Nor her boobs or butt.

Rob just plays the same dorky guy he always plays. He reminded me of his role in Quiz Show though not nearly as good. He is Rick, a rich kid attorney who has never done anything and who's brother gets him a job in the clemency department of the state government. He's supposed to review Cindy Ligget's (Stone) case for possible clemency. In getting to know her something compassionate awakens in him and he gets obsessed with preventing her execution.

Overall this story is pretty weak. We don't get enough of Cindy's background to evoke any real sympathy for her. She brutally butchered two people during a robbery attempt while high on crack. Poor thing. We mainly find out that the family of one of her victims are rich assholes. They lobbied for and got the death penalty for Cindy, in part by bending the truth.

The subtle intimacy that develops between Rick and Cindy is to be expected I guess. At least it's not overt, with them openly declaring their love. But the lamest moment in the film is when they are in Cindy's holding cell waiting for her to go get the needle, and she says, "I guess our timing was a little off, huh?"

This film attempted to show the criminal as victim, and failed in my opinion. Death penalty advocates don't have to worry about legislators seeing Last Dance. But Sharon made the most of a bad situation in her role.

Posted by Wayne at August 4, 2004 09:53 AM

I haven't seen this film yet, but was curious about her work in it. It came out after the excellent "Dead Man Walking" with Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon. I thought it was an odd (but certainly brave) choice of Stone to take on this subject and type of role. And Stone convinced me she could act in "Casino". Who knows, maybe if "Dead Man Walking" had come out later, she would have got an Oscar nomination for it.

Posted by: Ken at August 7, 2004 12:11 PM

I don't think Sharon was quite that good in Last Dance. But her performance was the best part of the film. Even good acting performances need the support of an overall good movie to get a nomination, this flick doesn't provide that.

Posted by: Wayne at August 7, 2004 02:03 PM

Good movie, tho it was not as convincing as it should have been. We didn't got the idea that Cindy was a victim in this movie, tho it should have.

Posted by: Stupid galls at November 21, 2004 06:12 AM
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