September 08, 2004

KIFF off

When we moved to Kansas, I knew that we would be leaving some cultural things behind. And I did not expect to find something like this:

The Kansas International Film Festival

Our attendance at this year's event (the fourth annual) is not likely. Perhaps I'll talk my wife into driving up to KC for one showing, partially just to give the event some support; perhaps of Code 46, or Mean Creek.

I am interested in a film called Mindfield , because it was done by two filmmakers from Wichita. I think I simply want to see proof that there are actually two filmmakers from Wichita. I notice their "feature" is only 63 minutes long, and according to the blurb in The Pitch (local freakly weekly), they are "prolific."

I'm just gratified to know that Kansas has a film festival. I've always wanted to attend one and experience the immursion of say, 12 films in 4 days. But, I'll need to retire before I can pull that off. Also, according to The Pitch, this festival used to be called Halfway to Hollywood. But halfway from where? I'm glad they decided to put "Kansas" in the title. That will keep all the out-of-towners away because they will think that it's just repeated showings of The Wizard of Oz.

Posted by Wayne at September 8, 2004 05:29 PM
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