September 27, 2004

Office Space

Ron Livingston is pretty good in this flick. He plays the disaffected cubicle dweller well. The film has a small cult following but I don't really think that it's worth that. Office Space is funny, but I wasn't laughing my ass off.

I think Stephen Root's character, Milton Waddams, is the source of the enduring fascination. He is pretty ridiculous. The ultimate nerd/dork/doofus. Virtually every cubicle colony of any decent size will have at least one of these -- the guy everybody snickers at behind his back, and some will feel sorry for.

Each character does illustrate some office stereotype. Lumberg, the boss, with the everpresent coffee mug and feaux laissez-faire attitude. Every sentence begins with, yeeahh... Jennifer Aniston fills the sex appeal requirement, a cute but ditzy waitress. The two programmer geeks are pretty good. One of them is East Indian of course. The other guy reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite.

Mike Judge of Beavis & Butthead fame wrote and directed. But if you saw the movie version of that you wouldn't go near anything else he did.

This would be a good Friday evening after work movie -- especially if you work in an office cubicle.

Posted by Wayne at September 27, 2004 09:57 PM

i'll never forget when psft gave us the stupid little "certified consultant" pins. we all went "flair"

work in IT and this is one hell of a movie. one of 3 non-tv show dvds i own. i guess we're a small audience, but put in your time as a geek in corpro land, and this movie kicks some serious ass.

"PC Load Letter - what the fuck does that mean?"

been loving that fx has been reruning KOTH right when i go to sleep. never understood why judge doesn't get the props he deserve.

Posted by: msf at September 29, 2004 10:39 PM

I would add that this movie should be seen as a double feature with Josh Kornbluth's "Haiku Tunnel." It's about his experience as a temp for a law firm in San Francisco. It's a bit quirkier than "Office Space," but it also pokes fun at the absurdities and characters you find in the modern office place. I saw Kornbluth's original monologue of "Haiku Tunnel" in S.F. years ago and it was even better than his movie in some ways.

Posted by: Ken at October 4, 2004 04:28 AM

If you dig Office Space you should check out this great online short,

Filmthreat says - "" does for temps what Office Space did for business drones. Hilarious, subversive and true.

You can watch it online at

Posted by: Scott at November 17, 2004 04:06 PM

I agree, msf...
I LOVE this movie! It's a cult classic, though, I suppose.

The characters are not supposed to be exactly real...they are 'caracitures of characters'. (I was a theatre girl-geek in high school and college and am now working in IT). Mike Judge has some inside humor for both my worlds! This movie crosses through to all age, race and religions and cuts right to the real source of most of our problems: the corporation! Unfortunately, that's usually our solution, too!

"Dam* it feels good to be a gangsta!" When they're breaking up that fax machine it's such a rush! They come home and are dancing and Samir is rapping and doing capoeira! (Brazilian martial art) I love it! So ahead of its time...look what's happened since 1999. Are you sure your company will have the same owners tomorrow as today? I'm not!

Also illustrates how some decisions are made so quickly and by people who have NO IDEA what they're doing or who they're dealing with~and the repercussions therein... from the virus theft to the building fire! It MATTERS who chooses your staff AND how you treat them! It matters! It really does! There are mugs/etc. that say "Initech" on them--gotta go get one now! One for me and one for someone I share office space with!

Happy Holidays! Someone buy me the DVD! Can you imagine the out-takes in this one? And the commentaries!???

Posted by: Anita at November 29, 2004 05:27 PM

Since posting this I have actually gone to work in cubicle-land, and this has given me a new perspective on Office Space. We actually have Milton Waddams on our crew.

Posted by: Wayne at November 29, 2004 09:48 PM
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