October 27, 2004

The World Series

bosox.jpgBaseball is so nerve-racking to watch, especially in the playoffs. You can't run out the clock. Both sides have to keep playing till the end. This performance by the Red Sox is certainly one for the ages, but what are we baseball fans going to do now? The Red Sox perennial post-season failures are an institution in this country.

This Red Sox victory is a paradigm shift of monumental proportions.

Yes, we've still got the Cubs. Thank God for that.

But what will Boston fans do now that they can no longer lament their inferiority to the Yankees? Now the Sox are just another unnatural powerhouse with a huge payroll.

The rest of us can't love them anymore.

I'm sure they're real bummed out about that.

Posted by Wayne at October 27, 2004 11:02 PM
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