November 14, 2004

Prey for Rock & Roll

Drea de Matteo fans (Adriana from the The Sopranoes) should not see this movie. She looks like shit the entire time. Whenever I see a character whose hair isn't washed, I always wonder if the makeup people worked on it to make it look unwashed or if they just -- you know -- didn't wash it for a couple of days.

For those who are fascinated with tattoos however, this is a must see film. All the characters have extensive tattooing and you will be constantly trying to get a focus on the various skin images.

Drea looks like hell because she is descending into the depths of drug addiction as the story progresses. Gina Gershon, who is the lead singer for the all-girl punk band central to the film, sings better than she acts. (If the name of the band was ever mentioned, I didn't catch it.) Indeed, the best part of this film is the music. The story, though it picks up later in the film, almost caused us to bail about 30 minutes in.

Gina's frustration with being a 20-year rock musician who has yet to taste stardom, only goes so far for story value, and this film pushes its luck a little too hard in this respect. Later there's a rape and a death to give more drama but are too long in coming. The narrative is so dark and dour, as reflected by the characters, getting interested this flick is difficult. You'd almost have to be living the hand-to-mouth life of a low-level punk rock band to appreciate it.

Drea is the bass player in the band. The drummer and the lead guitar player are lesbian lovers (naturally). The drummer's brother gets out of prison and comes to live with his sister. Gina starts with a pretty hot lesbian love scene of her own but as it turns out she's not committed to that lifestyle.

I like the double entendre title. These women really are prey for the rock and roll monster, though no moreso than men at the same level. Prey for Rock & Roll was adapted from a play written by former punk rocker Cheri Lovedog, and she collaborated on the screenplay. I'm glad she was able to parlay her presumably similar experience into something.

Sundance had this one last night. They are showing lots of rock and roll films this week. This is an improvement over Al Franken.

Posted by Wayne at November 14, 2004 03:54 PM
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