November 21, 2004

Whistling Contest

Whistling Contest
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We didn't go in to watch it. Or listen to it. The location is this funky cybercafe where you actually have to pay for time if you bring in your laptop. No wireless. You plug in to the LAN with a cable. I tried to tell the guy that he needed to be hip and offer wireless for free. He's an old hippie. Socialists don't make very good businesspeople unfortunately. I'm trusting that none of his friends read this blog.

I'm expanding this blog to include my photos. I need a regular outlet for them. This is actually a test post from my page on Flickr. Flickr is a pretty cool tool for sharing photos. It claims to support blogging photos; we'll see how it goes. Flickr also purports to allow me to email photo entries and post them directly to a blog (preferably this one). I'll try that next.
Posted by Wayne at November 21, 2004 01:50 AM
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