December 04, 2004

Daltrey Sings Townshend

Roger Daltrey's scream on Won't Get Fooled Again is a major transitional moment in Rock-n-Roll history. That scream contains, and puts closure to, everything that came before it; and contains, then paves the way for, everything that came after it. All of Rock-n-Roll as we know it is concentrated in that scream. In that moment, The Who and Daltrey put to bed Elvis, Buddy Holley, the early Beatles; and then gave rise to the Sex Pistols, Guns-n-Roses, and Nirvana.

Last night we watched a most amazing concert on TRIO. Roger Daltrey in Carnegie Hall with the Julliard Orchestra behind him. John Entwhistle showed up to play some bass and keyboards. Pete Townshend was on stage for a few minutes too. Since he wrote all the songs I suppose that was appropriate.

There are several guest artists who appear in this show. The Chieftans and Sinead O'Connor help with a couple of Who songs. David Sanborn plays some hot saxophone, along with an unidentified trumpet player who keeps up with him admirably.

The show's great, and hearing the orchestra playing all those Who classics is amazing. But Daltrey is the real story. He can belt out a song like no other vocalist.

The best live concert that my wife and I have seen together was The Who at the (then named) Mesa del Sol ampitheater in Albuquerque during the summer of 2000. I bought the tickets just so I could hear him do that scream once live. The rest of the show was nice too.

Another Who moment for us came on June 27, 2002. We were in Las Vegas on the way back to Albuquerque from San Francisco. This was the morning when John Entwhistle died there.

TRIO is an interesting cable network. Usually it's not a really good network, just interesting. TRIO is kind of like a poor relative to A&E. I don't think they've got a lot of financing. However, even the light hitting shortstop gets a homerun once in a while. According to their schedule this concert will show again on Jan 28. It's also available on DVD but gets lousy reviews.

Posted by Wayne at December 4, 2004 05:36 PM
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