December 06, 2004

1 Giant Leap

Dazzling footage of third world dancers and artists are what make this documentary memorable. Visually it is truly stunning in places. Some of the interviews I didn't need. So Tom Robbins says that what makes art great is the fact that it's not useful for anything. And Gabrielle Roth says that Jesus would barf if he saw how his teachings were being conveyed today. There are other moments of socialist propaganda where commerce is dissed as bad for young people. But, overall the message here is pretty well-received by this capitalist conservative. The message is ultimately spiritual, going well beyond the political.

I did like the interviews with Dennis Hopper. (Did you know he voted for George?) He seems a little out of place here but his words fit well. There is one hell of an array of celebrities in this film. Besides the aforementioned, there are Brian Eno, Kurt Vonnegut, Michael Stipe, Ram Dass, Neneh Cherry, plus many other names that I don't recognize. They all have their relevant opinions.

But again, what really makes this film worth the viewing are the visuals of the non-famous people from all over the globe: Senegal, Ghana, South Africa, Uganda, India, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, America and Europe. You see people dancing and singing so freely that you envy their obvious non-attachement to things. The energy conveyed by this film is exhilerating.

I watched 1 Giant Leap on Sundance (other site), but from the IMBD listing I see that the DVD version runs for 155 minutes. The TV version went for about half of that. I may have to seek out that disk.

Posted by Wayne at December 6, 2004 11:53 PM

Dennis Hopper voted for Bush? Well, that proves it then: All those drugs they took in the sixties really did affect their brains ;-)

Posted by: Ken Dix at December 8, 2004 12:36 PM

I saw Hopper interviewed by Bob Costas about a year ago on Bob's HBO show. They talked about the time when Dennis knew John Wayne. The Duke referred to Dennis as "the pinko" but they got along alright.

Costas alluded to Dennis' current support for Bush and asked him about how and why he made the switch. Dennis gave a very simple answer.

"I sobered up," he said.

Posted by: Wayne at December 8, 2004 11:31 PM
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