December 11, 2004

Terminator 3

There really isn't much to write about this one. Terminator 3 is basically a one hundred and nine minute chase scene. At least T2 has some character interplay between Arnold and the kid. T1 I barely remember. I think T2 might be the best of the three. T3 seems to just be a bridge to the story of the resistance led by John Connor as they take on the machines.

Yeah, I think they just wanted to put Arnold's machine to bed so he could run for governor and start a new career.

I did like how they followed the trend toward female action stars, making the newest terminator a hot chick ("the terminatrix" -- that cracked me up) in a tight leather outfit that never gets dirty. I'll always remember the scene early on where the cop pulls her over, and she looks at his crotch and says, "I like your gun."

I had wondered where they found the kid who is at the center of Carnivale on HBO. He is, frankly, great. His acting is the best part of T3 I think.

Even though Terminator 3 is a little dry of content, I do look forward to the fourth chapter, if it is in fact forthcoming. That could be good.

Posted by Wayne at December 11, 2004 11:39 AM
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